Our lookbook showcases the design inspiration that we've incorporated into our products through some of the defining pieces from our past collections.

Collection 17

17 is our most premium collection yet, using more comfortable fabrics in all pieces. This evolution in materials is headlined by the best-selling neoprene tee, now available in maroon.

With the instability present in culture and politics, the pieces in 17 were inspired by a yearning for stability, hence their more down-to-earth color scheme.

Adopting this earthtone color palette, 17 also exemplifies the concept of abundance - our own way of ushering in the new year.

Collection 16

16 draws inspiration from the festive season - reflecting upbeat colors and motifs in each design. As our last collection for 2016, we decided that 16 should symbolise a bolder interpretation of cultural trends.

This collection thereby embodies a more experimental aesthetic, as well as a re-imagination of some of our pieces from The Authority's first few collections. 

Collection 15

With 15, The Authority deconstructed the influences that have inspired our past collections - representing them in their most elemental form.

The usage of more neutral tones in 15 is a result of this reflection.

By juxtaposing everyday objects with our apparel - we are showing just how integrated fashion is with our everyday lives, to the extent that it feels instinctive and natural.